Uganda Bahai Temple – Religious and Birding Experiences

The Baha’i Temple is located on Kikaya hill in the suburbs of Kampala. It is the only building of its kind and serves as the temple of Baha’i faith on the African continent because the Baha’i faith in the past had one temple per continent. From the moment you enter through the gates of this lovely and magnificent temple you are wowed by its beauty and the commitment of the people who keep the place neat.

Uganda Bahai Temple

It is an outstanding building which the architect invested time in using materials sourced from all over the world giving it a global touch. This temple serves both the religious people who come to worship here, the local people who enjoy the shade of the trees and the tourists who come to admire its beauty. Its location on the hilltop offers great views to across Kampala, the capital and its suburbs.

The Baha’i’ temple gardens are well tended by committed workers making them an attraction in themselves. The temple is open to anyone who wants to visit it for prayer, enjoying a quiet moment or just admire the architecture. Once inside the temple, you are expected to observe silence so as not to disturb others. They hold weekly Sunday services for anyone interested in joining and learning more about their faith.

Birds at Baha’i Temple Kampala

The gardens and several trees provide a home to about eighty bird species that build nests in them. On a good day, early morning bird watching can yield over forty bird species from the environs of Baha’i temple. The bird Species sighted here include; Palmnut Vulture, Grey Parrot, Brown Parrot, Black and White Casqued Hornbill, Pied Crow, Hadada Ibis, Ring-necked dove, Red eyed Dove, Laughing Dove, Blue spotted Wood-dove, Double toothed Barbet, Speckled Mousebird, Lizard Buzzard, Common Bulbul, Black Kite, Great blue Turaco, Eastern Grey Plantain Eater, Woodland Kingfisher, Stripped Kingfisher, Ruppels Long tailed Starling, Bronze Sunbird, Marico Sunbird, Scarlet chested Sunbird, Fork tailed Drongo, Red Cheeked Cordon bleu, Grey woodpecker, African Thrush, Ross’s Turaco, African green Pigeon, Red billed Firefinch, White-browed Robin chat and many others.

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