Tchegera Island on Lake Kivu

Boat trips in Congo

There are boat trips that happen on Lake Kivu which is fortunately outside any of the parks so you are able to enjoy a trip without the cost of paying park entrance fees. There are short trips and long trips that take longer hours that would move you from Bukavu to Goma. This is the ultimate experience as you get to enjoy the different scenery as you travel from Bukavu to Goma.

There are activities you can indulge in while on a boat trip. You also have an opportunity to use the local canoes with the fishermen or to use the motorized boats open for tourism purposes. You can arrange to do fishing at some point while on a trip, this will be more engaging and fulfilling if you choose to take it with the local fishermen because then you will learn much more. Enjoy sights of beautiful landscape as you sail across the lake.

There is an option of take a boat trip to an island where you could have a picnic. You will enjoy watching different birds as they fish and feed in the water. Depending on your time, this might be a wholes days activity where you add a visit to a village and engage with the community. This might include getting involved with a family – cooking a meal and enjoying it with the family, walking around their community and learning about the everyday life of the people, visiting the market, a school or a hidden waterfall.

Things to carry for a boat trip

Long pants or shorts depending on what you prefer
Long sleeved shirt
Easy comfortable shoes
Sun hat