Lake Victoria Uganda

So you have spent a good number of days hiking up the hills of Bwindi Impenetrable national Park on a gorilla trekking safari, you have been through the adventure of a game drive in Murchison falls National Park and still have a few days left before you leave Uganda, you can visit Lake Victoria before departing the country. Statistically it is the second largest fresh water lake coming after North America’s Lake Superior, it is the chief reservoir of the White Nile, the largest lake in Africa, and its expanse is shared by three East African countries; Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Historically, it was named after the Queen Victoria of England by an early explorer John Speke on his expedition. It however has many local names which vary from community to community; Nalubaale and Nyanza are the most prominent.

What Lake Victoria can be to you however is a whole different story; one that should be personal, soothing, a calm beautiful memory that will be engraved in your mind for posterity. It can be your last stop after traversing the wildlife havens of Uganda. Its best access routes are through Entebbe town which is conveniently located near the Airport.

You can take an evening boat cruise / sunset cruise to watch the sunset which will have some snacks on board. This trip takes anything from 2 hours to 3 hours. Relax and enjoy the lake as you watch the fishermen bring in their catch for the evening, locals swimming and depending on the route taken – visit the Equartor monument.

Ngamba Island is a 100 acre island that is close to Entebbe and a habitat for orphaned chimpanzees that were rescued from poachers. If you did not travel to Western Uganda for chimp trekking in Kibale national park, this Island will give you an opportunity to watch the chimpanzees on raised platform as they receive their supplementary feeding.

The Ssese Islands are a group of 84 islands whose essence is to offer rest and relaxation, coming as a relief to the shoulders that are weary from carrying backpacks of equipment and limbs tired from the hikes. If you crave activity during your relaxation, nature walks while munching on fresh fruit like mangoes and jackfruit, bird watching and fishing are viable options.

Fishing; the lake has over 200 fish species but the Tilapia which weighs about 1-2 kilograms is the most economically important in Uganda. Your Giant catch would be the Nile Perch weighing between 10 to 80 kilograms and it is recommended that you use trolling lures for your fishing expedition. You may also visit some of the landing sites for an interaction with the local fishermen and how they go about their activities. The fishing season is usually October to March but the lake has fish all year round.

Consider these items and tips as you plan your stay around Lake Victoria. The largest fresh water body in Africa and second largest in the World is home to the Ssese Islands – “the world’s best undiscovered Islands”. The lake and surrounding beaches offers a host of activities including boat trips, Kayaking, beach holidays, Canoeing and fishing. Carry some insect repellent, sunscreen given Uganda’s high temperatures usually mid-20s to late 20s degrees Celsius and a camera to preserve your memories in a single shot.