Hot springs

If you are interested in learning about and experience the healing nature of hot springs then ask our driver guide while on your Uganda safari to take you to one which may be along your safari route. There are various hot springs located all over the country with notable ones in or near national parks. These are Kidepo valley national park, Mt Elgon national park, Rwenzori mountains national park, Semuliki national park, and a few kilometers outside Queen Elizabeth national park has the famous Kitagata hot springs where several people visit for healing. You can join in if you are interested in the experience.

The most famous of the hot springs have to be the Sempaya Hot springs located in Semuliki National Park. These are defined as male and female because of the traditional attachment and meaning from the local Bakonzo tribe as they offered their sacrifices to their gods over the years. The ‘female’ hot spring boils at 100 C and you have an opportunity to boil eggs and bananas directly from the hot springs. The male hot spring boils at a slightly less but is still too hot to step in. You access these hot springs through the Uganda wildlife authority offices where you are given a ranger guide to escort you on the forest walk towards the female and male hot springs. You are likely to encounter different kinds of monkeys, several reptiles, birds and butterflies.