Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

In Rwanda, golden monkey trekking happens is done in Volcanoes national park in northern Rwanda. This is an active tour because of its location in the mountainous area and the fact that golden monkeys are small and fast which makes tracking them an active and rewarding experience. They rummage through the bamboo sections of the forest because they enjoy eating the young bamboo shoots.

The golden monkey trekking starts early morning with briefing at 7 am at the park headquarters before trekkers are placed in different groups. They live in groups of about 30 individuals or more roaming over a large territory. You spend an hour with the golden monkeys after spotting them. The trekking can take anywhere from 2 hours to several hours depending on where they nested the previous night and how far it is from the starting point.

You can obtain a golden monkey trekking permit from Rwanda Development board through a tour agency and specify the date for which you would like to trek the golden monkeys.

What to Carry

  • Insect repellent,
  • Water for drinking,
  • Wear long sleeved shirts, trousers,
  • Waterproof hiking boots and a good mood.

Remember to pick a walking stick at the briefing point or your hotel, you will appreciate the support on the sometimes slippery paths.