Activities on River Nile in Jinja

White Water Rafting on River Nile

Uganda is the source of the mighty River Nile – the longest river in the world and home to some of the best white water rafting in the world. White water rafting on River Nile in Uganda is all year round thanks to Uganda’s equatorial weather. The experience is like no other with warm water, stunning scenery, and all year sunshine with short spells of rainfall making white water rafting here unique and pleasurable. The Nile rapids offer the rafters the thrill and excitement unmatched like no other before encountering the pools of water where one can take a swim and enjoy the vibrant bird and wildlife.

Jet Boating

Jet boating happens on River Nile also offering an exhilarating experience of the Nile different from the white water rafting. You hit the rapids on this high speed boat bring out your most adventurous self, experiencing the Nile

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping on River Nile allows you to kiss the Nile 40 m from the high ground. This is an experience for those who feel that they want to get the adrenaline out. It is often done in combination with other activities because bungee jumping takes a short time.


Kayaking on River Nile is a great way to experience the Nile and its surrounding areas of communities, farmlands, and exotic birds feeding on the fish. Kayak the Nile with perfect weather and daring rapids.


Swimming in River Nile in Jinja is possible because there is no record of Bilharzia and other infectious diseases. It is also free from dangerous animals like crocodiles and Hippos.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is along the shores of River Nile in the communities and paths through farmlands. Enjoy the scenery in Uganda’s countryside on a horse with children cheering you up as you take in the pure air of Mother Nature and birds.

Squad Biking

Squad biking is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon in Jinja along the River Nile. Ride through the countryside and watch every day Ugandans go about their work on mostly in their gardens as children cheer you on.

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