Senkwekwe Centre – Gorilla Orphanage

The orphanage was named after the dominant silverback of the Rugendo groups who was murdered alongside 3 of his family members – Senkwekwe. The center is home to orphaned mountain gorillas located in Rumangabo at the Virunga national park headquarters. Most of the gorillas at the centre were found after their mothers were murdered, some were caught in poachers snares.

The sanctuary is forested offering these gorillas a safe and secure place to reside. The gorillas are in good care from the expert care takers who are very passionate about the gorillas livelihood. The daily routine of these gorillas includes waking up about 6 am, they begin to play and receive their breakfast, after this they are let out into the garden where they feed on the shrubs and spend most of the day. They return to the enclosure for the night at 4 pm with supplementary feeding for dinner happening about 5 pm, Gorillas just like humans get used to routine. The Senkwekwe centre is also home to a lone Bushbuck named Pongo.