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Uganda Safaris & Tours

rafting the nile in jinja

1 Day Jinja Tour, Sezibwa falls and Mabira forest Hike

On this 1 day Jinja tour, we will 3 main tourist sites in total. The tour starts after an early breakfast preferably 6.30 am in the morning from Kampala or Entebbe to avoid the traffic jam. You will drive through tea plantations, sugar plantations and colorful roadside fruit and vegetable markets. On two stops you will see several Ugandans selling roast meat as a quick snack for travelers in buses and taxis. Sezibwa falls tour Our first stop over will be …

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8 Days Uganda Primate Safari

Uganda is home to several primate species which draw people to visit. The main primates on many people’s list for visiting are the two great apes – Mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees. This trip will bring you face to face with these great apes in the middle of the rain forests i.e. Kibale forest and Bwindi impenetrable forest. In addition you have an opportunity to visit Queen Elizabeth national park for great scenery and wildlife both on a boat safari and …

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mountain gorillas uganda

3 Days Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari in Bwindi National Park

This 3 days Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park will bring you face to face with the massive giants of Bwindi as you embark on the gorilla trek in the thick jungles of Bwindi. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in the south western part of Uganda covering an area of 321 km2 and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The forest lies at an altitude between 1160 m -2607 m above sea level and is famous …

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6 days Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari

On your gorilla safari in Uganda, you will trek through the Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park looking for the rare and endangered mountain gorillas. Drive through Ishasha – the home of climbing lions on towards Queen Elizabeth national Park also known as the medley of wonders because of its rich biodiversity. Safari Highlights: Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable forest Game drives Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Parks Boat cruises in Queen Elizabeth National Park Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha Boat ride in Lake Mburo National …

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21 Days Uganda Culture & Primates Safari

The 21-day safari will give you unedited Uganda experience. Experience Ugandans in their everyday errands and ice it up with plenty of wildlife and scenic landscapes. You will have rich culture engagements where you will have opportunities of cooking the tribal delicacies, participate in tribal dances, and purchase or make crafts. These experiences will have Gorilla, and Chimp trekking experiences, several waters falls, boat cruises, and game drives that will bring you close to Rhinos, Lions, Hippos, Buffaloes, Elephants and …

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One Day Mabira Forest Birding

Mabira forest is the biggest intact forest nearest to Kampala city. For a birding experience in Mabira forest, we leave Kampala early morning with preferably packed lunch where possible or choose to have a hot meal at the Mabira forest lodge. Mabira forest is home to over 300 bird species and on a good weather day one is able to sight over 100 bird species. The forest is surrounded by cultivation both at subsistence level and commercial; Sugarcane and tea …

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3 Days Queen Elizabeth Park Wildlife safari

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most popular park in Uganda, proven by the number of travelers visiting each year. It was named after the queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, after her visit to the park in 1952. The park has the most diverse habitats making it a home to numerous bird species life, animal, insect, reptiles and amphibians and mammals. It is famous for its tree-climbing lions in Ishasha, crater lakes, forested gorges, Savannah plains, swamps, rivers, and …

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4 Days Murchison Falls Safari and Chimpanzee trekking

Murchison falls National Park is the largest park in Uganda. Here you find the rushing waters of the Nile forced through a 7-meter narrow gorge forming the Murchison falls, which have fascinated the world for centuries. On the way to Murchison falls national park, we make a stopover at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – track Rhinos. While in the park – gaze in wonder at the herds of giraffes on the game drive, families of Elephants while on the launch trip …

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15 Days Best of Uganda Safari

Experience an abundance of wildlife, scenery, and cultural experiences on this 15 day Uganda Safari. For most people mountain gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking are the highlight of this safari. There are amazing opportunities of seeing numerous exotic animals like Rhinos, lions, hippos, buffaloes, leopard, elephants, and several species of birds. Enjoy the thundering Murchison Falls and the crater lakes is the western and southwestern of the country. This journey will bring you close to nature and culture – Uganda, the Pearl …

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3 Days Ssese Islands tour

Lake Victoria is the second largest lake in the world and the largest in Africa. It is home to over several Islands that offer beautiful, exclusive, and exotic vacations together with a romantic ambiance and numerous fun facilities. The Ssese Islands are an archipelago of 84 islands on Lake Victoria in Uganda. This tour takes you to one of the bigger islands to experience a distinctive tropical island experience as you walk through the forests and enjoy beach time. Safari …

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