Community tours

Kagera Safaris encourages travellers to visit local people in their communities which is one way of contributing to the incomes of the locals. This is a win win for both travellers and the communities because it provides travellers with an opportunity to experience the community life and appreciate the daily lives of the people. You can request an activity in a community to be added on Rwanda safari itinerary. Alternatively, you can spend days in the community or just hours participating in a chore or visit a local school. Our desire is that locals get to earn directly from the ‘tourism dollar’ and bring about development in their communities. This we realize also contributes heavily to conservation as they are protective of the wildlife they benefit from.

Visit local school/health centre: Here you can visit a local school or health centre which takes anything between 1 to 3 hours depending on what you engage in while at the school/health center. This allows you to learn more about the education and health systems of the countries. If this is part of your itinerary, you are encouraged to carry along something to leave with the pupils or as a contribution to school or health center.

Village Walk: This takes you through the community stopping at various sites like tea/coffee farms (tea experience/coffee experience) if they have such in their village, a waterfall, banana-beer brewing demonstration site, a traditional healer, a primary school, bird-watching in a community, music and performance. These walks are laid back and just provide an opportunity for you to interact with the community. These kind of walks can take approximately three hours depending on the sights and activities; however, visitors are free to choose the sites of particular interest and opt for a shorter itinerary.

Home stays: With more time and interest in immersing yourself further in the culture and community of the area you visit, you can choose a few days to stay with a local family. Here you will have the opportunity to get involved in the daily chores of this family and eat the traditional and adapted foods.