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Rwanda Safaris & Tours

2 Days Akagera National Park Wildlife Safari

This 2 days Akagera national park wildlife safari will offer you the ultimate game drives experience in Akagera national park. The Akagera national park is the only Savannah park where we can have game drives in the custom made vehicles in Rwanda. The park hosts a number of big mammals with the most sought after being Lions, Buffaloes, Giraffes, Zebras, Elephants, and Hippos, which will provide for great photographic moments. The park has in the recent past made great strides …

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2 Days Rwanda Chimpanzee Trekking Safari

This 2 day Rwanda Chimpanzee trekking safari in Nyungwe forest national park will give you an experience of Rwanda like no other. You will get to drive to the countryside and see more of Rwanda on this 6 hour journey. This is an alternative short tour to the 2 day Rwanda gorilla trekking safari for those on business trip and would like to see more of Rwanda. You have will have a short stopover at the ethnographic museum of Rwanda to …

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1 Day Akagera national park safari

This 1 day trip will give you a classic African safari outlook of Rwanda – the land of “a thousand Hills.” Akagera National Park is a mixture of Savannah and forested areas giving you varied sights of Rwanda. On your trip look out for mostly the big mammals. Akagera National park Akagera national park is located in Eastern Rwanda on the border with Tanzania. African parks is currently managing this park and has done a great job with the conservation. In …

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12 Days Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari

This 12 days Uganda and Rwanda wildlife safari will offer you some of the best Eco -tourism wildlife experiences in both countries. The two countries have remarkable primate experience i.e. gorilla trekking, chimpanzees trekking and golden monkey trekking. In addition you have an opportunity to explore the Savannah national parks of Uganda for the Big five namely, Rhinos (at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary), Elephants, Leopard, Buffalo and Lions. This safari will also give you great opportunities for sighting bird species, crocodiles, …

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gorilla habituation experience bwindi

2 Days Rwanda Gorilla trekking safari

2 days Gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda is the ultimate adventure experience in this country. Many people plan for years to be able to watch the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. Rwanda’s volcanoes national park is among the four parks where mountain gorillas are currently inhabiting. This 2 days tour is especially suitable for people who are flying in from the other African cities while on a business trip or from Kigali while attending a conference or business. This …

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2 Day Hiking Bisoke Volcano

Rwanda has 5 volcanoes within its boundaries, some it shares with Uganda and others with DR Congo with Sabyinyo volcano shared by all the three countries.  The Volcanoes in Rwanda are all part of Volcano national park, they are Mt Muhabura, Mt Gahinga, Mt Sabyinyo, Mt Bisoke and Mt Karisimbi. Therefore when you hike to the peak of Sabyinyo, you have been to all the 3 countries at once. Mount Bisoke Volcano hike to the Bisoke Crater lake is by …

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8 Days Rwanda Wildlife Safari

On this 8 day Rwanda wildlife safari, you will experience all the 3 prime Rwandan national parks. You will start with the scenic Akagera national park, proceed to Nyungwe forest national park and end with the home of mountain gorillas, Volcanoes national park. Enjoy the different backdrops of Rwanda as you turn along the winding roads. The parks are a mixture of Savannah, forest, and mountainous giving you varied sights of Rwanda. From Elephants, Zebras to Chimpanzees and Gorillas including …

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12 Days Birding Rwanda and Gorilla Trekking Safari

Rwanda has three national parks, which are also Important Birding Areas (IBAs) according to Birdlife international. The parks are Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park, and Nyungwe National Park with over 700 bird species. The other areas for birding include agricultural lands and swampy areas that are outside the protected areas. The birds are easy to see especially in Akagera national park, which is mainly Savannah and woodland. Nyungwe forest offers the best site for the Albertine endemics found nowhere …

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5 Days Cycling along the Congo Nile Trail

While on your Rwanda safaris, you can choose to indulge in cycling experience on the famous Congo-Nile trail. This Cycling tour will take you on the much coveted Congo-Nile trail which runs in western Rwanda partly along the Lake Kivu with beautiful views of the lake. It takes you through beautiful scenery and villages with locals going about their life. The tour is for 5 days if camping in villages and for 6 days if staying at Guesthouses spread throughout …

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a chimpanzee in uganda

6 Days Rwanda Primates Safari

This 6 day Rwanda primate safari will give you a chance to participate in two premium wildlife activities in Rwanda. Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking must be by far the most enriching activities one can engage in while on a safari in Africa. Both hikes can be challenging depending on where the chimpanzee or gorillas nested the previous night. The trek through the forest often leads you to these primates what you get to watch for only one hour. The …

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