nature walks in congo

Nature walks in Congo

There are different walking trails in the different national parks in Congo but the most common being Virunga national park and Kahuzi-biega national park. Nature walks allow you to get up close with nature compared to when you are in game drives. They are not rushed and allow for ample conversation with your guide to learn about how the locals interact with nature – it is a bonus to learn about some of the herbs that have been used for generations in treating various ailments.

Guided nature walks in Kahuzi-biege national park. You are able to go on a guided nature walk with a range guide inside the national park. You will have opportunities to learn about the culture, the national park, different trees and shrubs etc. You might come across different primates some of the animals that reside in the park, and of course the beautiful butterflies. There are different trails and once at the park the rangers will advise on the trail to take depending on your interests.

Guided nature walks in Virunga national park. You are allowed to take guided nature walks in this beautiful park. Please note that because this is the park you have to be escorted with an armed ranger guides in case you meet the animals and they get dangerous. You are expected to keep your voices low while on the nature walk so that there is minimal disturbance to the animals, this also allows you to have an opportunity to see some animals if they are not alerted of your presence.

Things to carry for a nature walk in Congo

Long pants
Long sleeved shirt
Hiking/walking boots (preferably water proof and one you have worn before and are comfortable)
Long socks to tuck in trousers against red ants
Day pack with snacks and water